Since the creation of Cybèle Services, the history of the company has been driven by our passion for technology, sport, … but also by our attachment to our countryside and way of life:

  • 2002 Creation of the company (Saint-Péray, Ardèche): telecommunications
  • 2005 Cybèle Services participates in the creation of AMC7 in (Chandolas, Ardèche): cycling, sport
  • 2006 Cybèle Services is based in Chandolas (southern Ardèche)
  • 2010 Acquisition of Haute Fréquence Ingénierie – HFI (Grenoble)

Since 2019, HFI’s activity has been sold out to HPB company, and Cybèle Services is now focused on two main objectives:

  • R&D with the development of a new range of marine electronics products using the latest technologies (IOT Internet of Objects, Wireless, IP, etc.). We are promoting the open system approach which has already revolutionized many electronic domains and computer science
  • the development of AMC7 by providing its resources and technical assistance in the fields of IT, telecommunications, etc… Cycles AMC7

More details :

Cybèle Services has developed data transmission and protocol test systems in various fields (IP, VoIP, Telephony, data transmission, etc.) which have enabled the testing of new generation networks, interworking tests with networks traditional, as well as standards compliance tests (ETSI, ITU, etc.). These systems were marketed in partnership with English company PDS until 2016.

Cybèle Services has also been active in the field of professional radio telecommunications networks through its subsidiary Haute Fréquence Ingénierie from 2010. Based in the heart of the first French technopole located in Grenoble area, Haute Fréquence Ingénierie has designed, produced and marketed products allowing the installation of professional radio networks and their interconnection with numerous equipment (telephony, intercoms, alarm centers, fire / gas detection, access control, etc.). Haute Fréquence Ingénierie was sold out in 2019 to HPB company, and continues its development with the installation of professional radiocommunications systems.

Cybèle Services participated in 2005 in the creation of AMC7 in Chandolas (sports shop and services, specialized in cycling activities, located in southern Ardèche)